xcaret cenote

Xcaret has called Maya women for a thousand years, to come and purify themselves in its sacred pools – before making the 12 mile crossing to the island of Cozumel to worship the fertility goddess Ixchel.

Xcaret is open from 8:30am – 10:00pm every day. The entrance fee is $50 adult, $25 kids, and under 5 years is free. The price includes a dinner show (no shows on Sunday).

Explore the jungle and beach on horseback for $50.00 per hour.

A hot dog and coke will run you $7.00. Xcaret is not a cheap thrill!

xcaret swim dolphins

One of the favorite park attractions is the swim with the dolphins. These lovable and gentle creatures have a strange and wonderful affinity toward people, and will make you feel safe and at home in their water world.

The whole experience lasts for about an hour and runs around $200 per couple (including a video to share with your friend when you get home).

The butterfly pavilion is one of the largest in the world; and as soon as you enter, countless colorful and curious Mariposas will greet you with fluttering wings and butterfly kisses.

Xcaret is home to myriads of exotic birds, sea turtles, jaguars, pumas, and other jungle animals.

The day’s entertainment includes a Mayan ball game, folk dancing, and a Mexican rodeo.

Buses run along the Riviera Maya from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Parking is free if you drive.

The nearby Occidental Grand Flamenco all-inclusive hotel at $105 could be the least expensive part of your trip.

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