cancun weatherCancun Weather can be balmy and still or tropically wild, depending upon the season. The temperature is wonderfully stable year-round in the mid 80s due to the island’s location in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Averaging 10 hours of sunshine per day, April is the “driest” month and September the “wettest”. With a sub-tropical climate, humidity is usually high. The winter months are quite comfortable with warm days and cooler nights. The summer months may find daily thunderstorms and showers, however many enjoy the storms and rain as part of tropical life.

You can almost set your watch, during the summer, when every day about 2’oclock the clouds coming rolling in, and then the most terrific electrical storms with lightning crashing all around. In an hour it’s all over and for the rest of the evening you’re entertained with silent “heat lightning” behind the low lying clouds. Tropical weather is actually quite romantic.

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