tula warriorsTula Mexico (map) “Where The Language Changes” was the capital of the Toltec Indian empire. Tula is located in an arid region of the Valley of Mexico where little can be grown except the Maguey cactus (the basis of alcoholic “Pulque”) which formed a significant part of their religion.

Legend has their high priest Quetzalcoatl banished to the east after a drunken orgy. A lesson on the the sins of “John Barleycorn” may be inferred here.

The city rose to power after the collapse of Teotihuacan, taking control of the Valley of Mexico around 968 AD, and forming an important link in the chain of Meso-American civilization.

The site is now known primarily for its main pyramid, on whose top stand the 15 foot high stone Toltec warrior gods.

Attaining a population of 50,000; the site was abandoned around 1200ad, possibly due to famine.

The Toltecs appear to have re-surfaced later in Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula with their recognizable architecture and snake worship.

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