temptation resort cancun spa beachThe Temptation Cancun Resort (formerly Blue Bay Getaway), located at one end of the Cancun Hotel Zone, offers a truly spicy ADULTS ONLY atmosphere with shows, activities, and games. The Blue Bay Club, a sister resort, is family orientated. Don’t get them confused. Temptation Cancun is at the top of “The Seven” set midst tropical gardens on a long sandy beach of the gulf midway between downtown and “The Point”, close to hottest Cancun nightclubs, shopping, and superb Cancun restaurants, the Temptation Resort Cancun has been recently renovated with extra features for those seeking an action packed vacation.

The Temptation Resort Spa is an all-inclusive 4 stars beach-front resort of 220 rooms, surrounded by lush gardens, with an extensive activities program that makes it one of the most popular resorts of its type in Cancun. All rooms have air conditioning, terrace or balcony, 2 double beds or 1 king size bed, satellite TV, and bathroom with shower. Rooms are sometimes considered small, but clean. The chambermaids clean the rooms very early, folding towels into interesting designs then filling them with flowers.

Temptation Cancun provides free of charge, theme nights, unlimited national drinks, gym, aerobics classes, diving lessons, non motorized water sports, game room with pool tables, bikes, transport by boat and by bus to the Temptation Club & Marina, discotheque, and tennis courts. The Temptation Resort Spa offers six themed restaurants to choose from, with dinner shows and “Nice Shoes” to liven up the evening meal.

temptation cancunYou need to be prepared for some raunchy pool shows. About half the guests will be topless at the beach and pool. Flat screen TVs with satellite, and two 24 “adult” channels, including Playboy, make for a very erotic vacation. Many of the guest enjoy the freedom to dress “commando” with see-through, woven and crocheted apparel.

The restaurants require that reservations be made between 10 and 12 AM. There is a line from 9 am on most days. Unless you reserve early, you may only find the 9PM seating available, and this is when the best activities take place. The shows are short about half hour so, your choice, often, is eat in a nice restaurant or view a show.

Free Drinks seem to be the reason most people comes to Temptation. Many start drinking at 10am and go to the middle of the night. Hey, but you’re on vacation, right? There are photographers throughout the hotel taking pictures of you at the activities, at dinner, naked, etc.,.

Temptation Cancun Spa Resort has 3 pools (one pool is for “water sports” such as volley ball). The other pools have several built-in whirl pools, so you can sit and relax. Two of the three pools have swim-up bars and shallow areas to sit. If you don’t stake out a claim at the pools by 7:30, you are out of luck.

Many visitors complain about the beach – the weeds, rocks, and the motor boats from Temptation’s marina. There is a foot-high wooden board running the length of the beach between the sand and the water. As a result, you take stairs into the water. There are boat docks at both ends of the resort where many large charter boats and personal craft dock.

The Temptation Cancun beach is calm with no heavy surf however it is a rather small beach area and tight with many lounge chairs. There is a wide rocky area just past the water line that makes it hard to go into the water unless you have something on your feet. As with any resort you have to get down there some what early to place your towel for the shady areas. The grounds are well-kept but could use a few benches in the court-yard area for those that care to sit away from the pool or crowds.

Many “adults” consider Temptation the “hottest” action in Cancun. If you care to leave the property the bus service runs 24 hours. If you like quiet, request a room by the “Quiet Pool”, and consider reserving a room on the third floor if you value your privacy. All Superior rooms are on the first floor.

For a more enjoyable dining experience purchase the “Go Silver Program”. You will be able to eat at the three a la carte restaurants every night. The buffet restaurants are two-star at best. This will also give you water in your room each day. Don’t drink from the tap! The resort will try to give you the Go Blue program. Insist on a la carte coupons for each night! The specialty restaurants require reservation the day of (get in line). Reservations can not be made in advance.

The desk clerk will present a meal coupon for the complementary a la carte dinner. The Bella Vista is rated the best a la carte dinner, although it provides no alcohol (other than wine to purchase). You can buy additional a la carte dinners at reservations. The bar in the Nice Shoes Disco closes during scheduled activities, so pound down a few drinks before it starts.

For anyone on a low or no fat diet, may find the menus challenging. Mexican cuisine is “fat” with oils, creams, cheeses, and lots of rich desserts and pastries. Fried (and deep-fried) foods are the norm. There are 3 specialty restaurants – Italian, Seafood, and Chinese.

  • Restaurant info:
  • Embarcadero Buffet: breakfast 07:00-12:00 daily, lunch 13:00-15:00 daily, dinner 18:00-21:30 daily nightly dinner theme: Monday – International, Tuesday – Mexican, Wednesday – Italian, Thursday – Argentinian, Friday – Spanish, Saturday – Caribbean, Sunday – Oriental
  • Bellavista Snack Bar: daily 12:00-16:00 daily
  • Las Margaritas Patio: Continental Breakfast 06:00-07:00 daily, snacks 16:00-18:00 daily, Mexican buffet 19:00-23:00 daily, late snacks 23:00-05:00 (often leftovers from the main buffet)
  • Village Wok Oriental Food: 18:00-21:30 closed Sundays
  • BellaVista Seafood: 18:00-21:30 closed Tuesdays
  • Il Piaccere – Italian: 18:00-21:30 closed Thursdays
  • A la cartes are by reservation (08:00-11:00am) at the patio. Dress code is no flip-flops, no sleeveless t-shirts, and no pool shorts (Bermudas accepted).
  • Bar info:
  • Diego’s Pool/Swim-Up Bar: 10:00-19:00 daily at Sexy pool
  • Margaritas Patio Bar: 16:00-00:00 daily
  • L’Alternative Bar (sports pub) 19:00-01:00 daily
  • Theatre Bar: open Tuesdays/Sundays during show. This is a bar area, that the bartender brings some bottles of alcohol, a cooler of ice, and some glasses. Not fully functional (ie. no blenders)
  • Nice Shoes Bar (disco): 21:30-01:00 daily (closed during some entertainment)
  • Bikinis Pool/Swim-Up Bar: 10:00-21:30 daily at Quiet Pool, closed at 17:00 on Tuesdays
  • Entertainment info:
  • Nightly: After the later entertainment, there is a bus to one of the discos (no return trip)
  • Monday: Karaoke 21:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)
  • Tuesday: Live Music 19:30 (Las Margaritas Patio); Mexican Music show 21:30 (Theatre); Kissing Contest 22:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)
  • Wednesday: Casino 21:30 (Nice Shoes Bar); Live Music 22:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)
  • Thursday: Fantasy Trivia 21:30 (Nice Shoes Bar); Dance Contest 22:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)
  • Friday: Anything Goes night 21:30 (Nice Shoes Bar); Girls Hot Legs Contest 22:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)
  • Saturday: Live Music 20:00 (Nice Shoes bar); Mens Hot Legs Contest 22:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)
  • Sunday: Latin Show 21:30 (Theatre); Beer Drinking Contest 22:30 (Nice Shoes Bar)

Unless you really need a guided package, everything is cheaper if you plan and do it on your own. For instance, the bus tours to the Tulum ruins is US$49 per person, including lunch. If you go it alone, and take a taxi from the hotel to bus terminal, round-trip bus to Tulum, shuttle train to the ruins, and entrance fees to the ruins, you will pay a total of $28 US, for two people. Save money and avoid the package tours!

From the Cancun airport you’ll pay 90 pesos per person for a shared shuttle to your hotel, unless you leave the airport and get out to where the taxis are or beyond that to where the city bus runs. There are no other options. In the hotel zone, the city bus is 6.5 pesos (4.5 pesos if you’re not in the hotel zone) or around 50 cents US. The R-1 and R-2 and R-27 will take you almost anywhere in Cancun. The destinations are listed on the front of the bus.

Wal-Mart, plaza Las Americas (big mall where the locals shop, including Chedraui market) and the Terminal Del Autobuses can all be reached by city bus. The Wal-Mart bus says Wal-Mart. For the bus depot, take an “Av. Tulum” bus and get off at Av. Uxmal. To get to Costco, get a taxi on the street from Wal-Mart for 15 pesos. Getting back to the hotel zone should be around 50 pesos. Returning to the airport from the hotel will be around 180 pesos.

Taxis in the hotel zone, and shuttles at the Cancun airport are fixed rates (each of the hotels will have a price list posted by the door). If the doorman summons the taxi for you then you should pay exactly that amount. The tip is built-in. Don’t tip the cabbie! Always pay in pesos to save money (you will be “short-changed” on the exchange). If you get a taxi in the city, or in Playa Del Carmen, or anywhere else, be sure you and driver agree on the rate before you go anywhere. It is negotiable, but not much.

The intercity bus system is great. Service is provided from the bus terminal by ADO (1st class, A/C, etc.) and Riviera/MayaB (second class, more stops, etc.) There’s also playa Express that is a shuttle and is cheaper. Sample rates: ADO 1st class, Cancun to Playa Del Carmen 32 Pesos every 20 minutes, same price returning every 10 minutes. The MayaB is about 12 pesos less, but less frequent. Playa Del Carmen to Tulum or Coba 32 pesos each way by ADO, less by MayaB.

Buy your booze at Costco or Wal-Mart. Bring lots of sunscreen, and don’t forget a hat, even in the pool, and sunscreen lip balm. Also take after-sun gel and bug-bite cream just in case. A backpack for carry water and stuff if you do a tour of the ruins. Immodium, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol. Especially the Tylenol! Instead of taking Pepto or Immodium every day as a precaution, start eating yoghurt every day 2 weeks before you go. You can continue this when you’re there. Shorts and t-shirts (“playeras”) are typical dress. Men, bring at least one pair of long pants and closed shoes for dinner. Chargers/spare batteries, etc., for any electronics, like digital cameras.

Bathrooms have a nice large shower (big enough for 3 people) but the bathroom was so small that only one person could be in there at a time and the door could only open half way because the toilet stopped it from opening any further. The toilet area, as in most of Mexico appears to be an “after-thought”. Closet space is ample with a large hanging area and shelves for your clothes instead of dressers.

The concierge desk calls to welcome you and they want you to come down in the morning for a “champagne breakfast” so they can show you how to save up to “70% of your next vacation”. It’s nothing more than a time share pitch. This seems to be the concierge’s primary responsibility. There will invariably appear a card on your door inviting you to the “Blue Bay Premier desk” to receive a “welcome gift” (this is a time-share pitch).

Do you want to party? If the answer is yes, this is the place for you. If you are looking for a quiet peaceful holiday, this is probably a bad choice. The motto of the activity staff is “This Ain’t Disneyland”. The atmosphere is very lively (bordering on rowdy). Action starts at 10:00 am and turns into one big pool party by afternoon. The activities staff start the day with good healthy fun like water aerobics, kayaking, horseshoes and volleyball.

By mid-afternoon activities turn toward pool-side games/contests centered on sexual themes. Many find these games hilarious, more conservative guests might be offended. Total nudity is “in your face” at Temptation Cancun. And, you’ll see mostly naked women and mostly naked men “at play” in public. This is definitely not the scene for everyone.

The Temptation Cancun snack bar and buffet are fine – not the best, but not the worst. Pools are nice, but the beach is not one of Cancun’s best. Go south for the waves. Maid service, bartenders and activities staff get high ratings by the guests. Just remember, the Temptation Cancun resort is for adults, so, if you’re easily offended, don’t come here!

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