cancun packagesCancun Packages come in all shapes and sizes and a special “deal” can make your vacation. If you’re like me, you’re looking for that “extra value” that can make a Cancun vacation “extra enjoyable”. Even though Cancun is not as “cheap” as it once was, It’s still the #1 party destination on the planet and Cancun specials run almost constantly (changing minute by minute, in fact). Though hotel occupancy rates are about 90% year round (there’s hardly an “off-season”), all inclusive Cancun packages are the usual offering at most of the hotels and resorts. You will probably buy your “pub crawl” party packages and tours separately.

Obviously, the farther from the beach that you go the less expensive it becomes. There are terrific deals to be found in Cancun city where most of the hotels have shuttle service to and from the beach.

Cancun Specials can be found throughout the year, however during the tourist season from November to May the rates will be higher. Deal with well-known, reputable, vacation package companies who will work for you after you make the reservation, and always “Haggle”. Otherwise, we think you don’t care.

When Cancun development began in the early 1970s the beaches were deserted except for birds and iguanas. Now luxury resorts, shopping malls, restaurants and discos line 15 miles of the Caribbean coastline.

Cancun has followed the typical course of any tourist resort area, first the “Jet Set” swoops onto the new watering hole before there are a lot of rules, and then raises enough Hell to excite a mass migration; and always leaving before the stampede.

cancun packagesEventually, the multitudes will tire of Cancun the way they tired of Acapulco, but for now Cancun is still the Wild West – a little raunchier (and younger) than Las Vegas. Awaiting the annual arrival of the Spring Equinox with its Cancun spring break, the “Golden Hordes” will fill the beaches and nightclubs with zany Cancun nightclubs madness.

Choose from famous, luxury Cancun resorts, secret hidden bungalows, bargain bed and breakfast lodgings, campgrounds and yes, youth hostels.

Here are prices from the past, but these specials are subject to availability and change minute by minute.

* Westin Regina Cancun $155.00
* Beach Palace Cancun $135.00, all inclusive
* Hyatt Regency Cancun $147.00, breakfast included
* Fiesta Americana Cancun $145.00 (free nights available)
* Fiesta Americana Coral Beach $195.00 (free nights available)
* Hilton Cancun from $220.00
* Calinda Beach Cancun $140.00
* Camino Real $148.00, breakfast included
* Aquamarina Beach $125.00
* Sheraton Cancun $145.00 (free nights available
* Krystal Cancun Prepaid rates $152.00
* Casa Magna Marriott $155.00, breakfast included (garden view)
* Ritz Carlton Cancun $240.00
* Holiday Inn Express Golf Course $88.00
* Royal Solaris Cancun $2000.00 per week for two, all inclusive
With the money you save on your “specials” you can enjoy some of the many Mayan Riviera attractions and Cancun tours.

You probably don’t have weeks or months to research all 200 Cancun hotels, and other Cancun information such as immigration identification requirements, available medical facilities, Cancun tours, weather, etc.

Cancun vacations present you with a dizzying choice of dining options (over 300 restaurants), from casual to elegant, international to traditional local cuisine.

Even with so many Cancun restaurants from which to choose, many vacationers find it less expensive to just pay the all-inclusive rate and eat all their meals at their hotel. Restaurants can be be a big expense unless you shop wisely. Cokes alone can run $30.00.

Tours and excursions booked through the hotel can easily double and triple the actual price of transportation and admission.

For information about time-share you won’t have to search. You’ll be met at the airport by any number of time-share “sharks” and probably pitched at your hotel, too, with a “free tour” (think 3 hours of high pressure). Most of the hotels have a concierge desk set up in the lobby to help with your questions. Always agree on prices before you decide. Don’t be shy about “haggling” (it’s part of Mexican culture) with all service providers (taxis, vendors, etc).

Three million tourists annually vacation in this area of the Yucatan peninsula. With an ideal average temperature of 80 degrees and 300 days a year of sunny blue skies, Cancun has become the World’s most popular Caribbean vacation.

The beaches here are pure white powdered coral (not quartz), that stay cool to the feet no matter what the temperature. The other great attraction is the world famous Cancun nightclubs that never stop. From high energy discos and Salsa dance clubs, to relaxing Jazz lounges; this is the world’s biggest party.

Snorkel or dive the world’s second largest coral reef in crystal clear blue waters that Jacques Cousteau called, “the best in the world”. Other water sports include windsurfing, sailing, para sailing, jet skiing, and kayaking.

Deep sea fish for the big ones at Puerto Aventuras. or play round the famous Pok ta Pok championship golf course at the Cancun Hilton Golf Club while your other half shops the duty free malls, high fashion boutiques, and the thousands of sidewalk vendors. Later take a relaxing lobster dinner cruise.

Take your Cancun vacation south along the Yucatan coast known as the Mayan Riviera. to beautiful, hip Playa del Carmen, and Tulum where you’ll find Mexico’s most visited Mayan ruins.

This is a nature lovers paradise of tropical jungle and intriguing Mayan ruins just minutes from an array of fabulous hi-tech hotels. Here the towns are smaller and there are fewer tourists; with miles of solitary virgin, powdered-coral beaches and sparkling Windex-hued waters.

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