Cancun Nightclubs, in the best traditions of Europe (and Mexico), don’t get going before 10:30pm. Cancun nightclubs rock from midnight till breakfast (when the beach madness begins, again). Below is a typical complaint of Cancun nightclubs. They all run the same scams and intimidating behavior. Do NOT get into a fight in Cancun, unless you’re willing to end up in a Mexican jail with lots of “bees” on your head, and then calling home for money,… mucho dinero.

“We went into the club with a woman from Texas and her 2 young daughters and a couple from Michigan and there son. The couple had bought a time share that day and had a free coupon for drinks for us all. As we went into the door they gave us a yard glass. We assumed this was for the free drink. The woman from Texas was already having dinner and had a separate check. We ordered our drinks. after an hour the woman was going to leave and requested her check. They had billed her for six extra soda’s – her daughters had 2 each, so she was billed for 10 sodas. She questioned the bill and even talked to the manger they refused to change it so they paid and left.

About an hour later the place is getting wild so we decide to leave. We asked for our check and they gave us one for 194.00 in drinks. We didn’t receive one free drink plus they billed us for drinks that we didn’t even order. We were all drinking Margaritas and they were billing us for whiskey and coke. We argued with the manger but he refused to listen to us. Bouncers surrounded our table, and we felt that we either had to pay or we were going to jail. We paid.”

senor frog cancunThe truth is, you will be “short-changed” and generally “ripped-off” everywhere in Cancun, so why not the Cancun nightclubs? You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Congo Bar located on “The Point” has an open layout that gives it a nice airy feel and lets you watch the street with half a dozen bars back to back and thousands of people milling about. You get the customary balloons, confetti, and CO2 up the skirt.

Dadyo Night Club is central situated near all the major hangouts, nightclubs and eateries. Go with the hotel reps, who know all the staff, and you get treated much better. A bottle of vodka (or your choice) is set up on the table with jugs of mixers and beer, and an ice bucket, and enjoy the laser shows, bikini and swimsuit contests, special effects, acrobats, wild parties, themed parties, etc. The revolving dance floor gives you a look at all the patrons. Danced until dawn, and watch the Strip from the smoking balcony, as hip-hop, techno, and house blasts away. The shooter girls rarely take “NO!” For an answer, and will continue pouring the booze into your mouth and lap. As with all clubs in Cancun, go to the head of the line outside with a tip.

Another fly dive is Coco Bongo. It’s all night, all out, live music at $40 for unlimited drinks (it’s 50 if you wait till the club opens) you will be pat down and searched at the door. The $40 charge does not give you automatic access to to a table or even a seat. It’s usually standing room only, and a half hour to push your way across the dance floor. Grab the drinks being passed around by the staff, they are better and you don’t have to battle the crowds. Drink selection are primarily watered down, cheap vodka. You want better service, pay up! $120 for VIP service at one level, and $100 next level down.

senor frog girlSenor Frogs is perhaps the most “gimmicky” club in Cancun. Drink a 3 ft tall yard of beer, and then dive fully clothed down the water slide. This is definitely not a family place. It is like spring break, all year long, gone out of control. Anything goes, and the girls will be groped and humped by the drunks and staff. The staff pours alcohol down everyone’s throats (especially the girls). The slide goes into the sea – so wear a bikini under your club dress. The water slide that shoots people out into the bay has a fence around it because of the crocodiles. Staff spends a large portion of their time with CO2 canisters blowing up the ladies’ dresses and flashing buns for everyone. Girls will end up holding down their dresses all night.

cancun nightclubsThe City Club is newer than most of the others, and filled with the latest party night technology like advanced fog machines, giant sound system, dazzling light displays, etc. with five different distinctly themed and colorful and party rooms on three floors, the main stage descends, rotating from the third story to heighten the performances of famous artists and Dj’s. With a mostly under-aged crowd (14 – 19), the girls make out on stage and flash boobs to win the various contests. It’s a step below kiddy-porn.

The Cabanna Beach Club, located behind The City, hosts an “after-party” with beds set up near the pool. It has a wooden floor in the center of the stage that actually bounces when everyone is dancing. Around midnight the water works start, with water sprayed in from the open ceiling, and shooting up from the floor. The wet tee shirt contest turns into a “girls gone wild” scene.

Fat Tuesdays, besides being a watering hole, is a not half-bad place to eat with a broad selection of sea food and a variety of down home menu items. They open early (7 or so), and party all night on a fabulous dance floor. With a pleasant atmosphere, live music, classic hits on the stereo, and good food, Fat Tuesdays is a good (and tamer) place to party.

Cats Disco, off the beaten trail, is one of the funkiest reggae/hip-hop joints in Cancun.

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