cancun informationCancun Information and the Hottest Deals! You probably don’t have weeks or months to research all 200 Cancun hotels, and other Cancun information such as immigration identification requirements, available medical facilities, Yucatan eco-tour, Cancun tours, weather, etc., but a good place to start is the Cancun airport.

Even with so many Cancun restaurants from which to choose, many vacationers find it less expensive to just pay the all-inclusive rate and eat all their meals at their hotel. Restaurants can be be a big expense unless you shop wisely. Cokes alone can run $30.00.

Cancun specials, Cancun tours, and excursions booked through the hotel can easily double and triple the actual price of transportation and admission.

For information about time-share you won’t have to search. You’ll be met at the airport by any number of time-share “sharks” and probably pitched at your hotel, too, with a “free tour” (think 4 hours of high pressure).

Most of the Cancun hotels have a concierge desk set up in the lobby to help with your questions.

Always agree upon prices before you decide. Don’t be shy about “haggling” (it’s part of Mexican culture) with all service providers (taxis, vendors, etc).

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