cancun-divers-cod2Cancun FAQWhere is Cancun ? (Google Map) Located on the Northeastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Cancun is a 1 hour flight from many Southern American cities.

Cancun FAQ – How do i get there?
Cancun Airport has many direct flights from the U.S. and Europe.

Can I drink the water?
Anything that’s bottled (beer, coke, etc.) is “safe”. But, do you think they use bottled water for their ice cubes? And, you’re going to brush your teeth, right?

Is it safe?
Cancun is as safe as any major American city. The Mexican government realizes the economic importance of Cancun tourism and avoids bad PR at all costs. Security is heavy. That being said,…Don’t travel alone (especially women).

How much will it cost?
Probably more than you think. You will be “short-changed”, your bill will be “padded”, and you will be “ripped-off” generally. But, hey, it’ll be fun!

Do I need to speak Spanish?
Everyone in the “Hotel Zone” speaks English. However, if you travel away from the coast; you’ll need to know some Spanish.

Do I need a passport?
YES, a passport required by U.S and Mexican Customs. Always carry a 2nd piece of “photo ID” (such as a drivers license) as well.

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