costa maya yucatanThe Costa Maya (Mayan Coast) is the last undeveloped section of the Caribbean Yucatan, lying between Tulum and British Honduras (Belize). Say “Goodbye” to the McDonalds and Walmarts of Cancun.

The Mexican government is rapidly building highways and airports, and delivering telephone, and electrical services to Costa Maya. The main highway (307), south of Tulum, slowly veers inland; but one can continue along the coast on poorly maintained dirt roads (4-wheel drive recommended).

Many foreign developers have begun to buy large tracts of the area; anticipating the interests of vacationers, retirees, and those seeking virgen beaches, escape, and an aternative to crowds and civilization. At present, however, there are many coastal properties with absolutely no development, waiting to be explored and exploited.

costa maya jungle hammockThe Palancar Reef (second longest reef in the world) provides a natural barrier to this stretch of Mexican coast, and a home to over 500 species of fish, many varieties of coral, conch, sponges, anemones, and the sea turtles that nest on these shores.

The quaint indian villages of Majahual and Xcalak, further south along Costa Maya, are departure points for scuba diving the “Chinchorro” atoll, birdwatching, and sport and fly fishing. A ferry operates from Chetumal (has a Holiday Inn) to Xcalak. Both Majahual and Xcalak have airstrips.

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