cancun beachThe Cancun Beach is 15 miles of some of Earth’s purest, powdered coral. Unlike quartz sand, the Cancun beach feels cool to your feet no matter what the temperature.

The warm, turquoise, crystal clear waters here were called “the best in the world” by no less an authority than Jacques Cousteau hisself.

Europeans and Americans alike will be flashing boobs on many of the beaches in spite of the “No Topless” signs.

cancun beachThe topless scene stirs up plenty of controversy with the “locals”, and hotel security will on occasion caution their delinquent guests. In any case cover-up when leaving the beach unless you’re staying at any of the “adults only” properties such as Temptation Cancun, Hidden Beach, and Aventura Palace. A culture so close and yet so very different, Mexico has much to teach about “freedom”…and hypocrisy (prostitution is legal, topless is not).

Mexicans are proud of their “Macho” culture, where the girls are told one thing and the boys are encouraged to do the opposite. Maybe that explains why half the Latina teens in the U.S. are pregnant.

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