Akumal “place of turtles” is situated on a small reef protected bay, between the clear blue Caribbean and the lush Yucatan jungle, south of Playa del Carmen, 70 miles from the Cancun airport.

Akumal was formerly a large coconut plantation accessible only by boat, until 1958 when it became the headquarters for the Mexican underwater research project (CEDAM) exploring sunken Spanish galleons on the many nearby reefs.

With visibility of 200 feet, and extraordinary underwater life, these reefs provide some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world (so said Jacques Cousteau).

Diving is without a doubt still the main focus, although the search for sunken treasure is almost abandoned.

Situated on the edge of the jungle, this is a vast plant and animal kingdom with many species still undiscovered. Birdwatchers “flock” here.

akumal sea turtlesAn interesting time to come is from May to June when Akumal hosts its most famous visitors. Several varieties of sea-turtles migrate to these clear warm waters and serene beaches to lay their 70,000 eggs and mingle with the tourists. It’s great family fun and the off-season rental rates make for a bargain vacation. November to February are the busiest months; with vacationers enjoying the perfect waters, clear skys, warm days and cool nights.

You’ll find an abundance of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gift shops, dive shops (of course), money exchange, laundry service, and travel agency. The regional bus system is an excellent and inexpensive means of travel, running every half hour.

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