Cancun Airfare is cheaper than ever. Combined with the all-inclusive rates at most of the Cancun hotels, and Riviera Maya resorts, Cancun travel is amazingly cheap. You’ll find the Cancun airport modern, international, and crowded (especially on the weekends).

cancun airfareAs airfare providers fiercely compete for this huge market, you can benefit from the Cancun specials that have become a mainstay of the travel industry. In short, there’s no “secret” to airfares. In order to stay competitive the airlines operate on the fringe of bankruptcy.

Many visitors planning a visit to the Yucatan opt for the very inexpensive Cancun cruises (dock in Cozumel).

By air or by boat, you’ll find Cancun and the Mayan Riviera to be one of the best choices for a low cost Caribbean vacation.

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