cancun weddingsCancun Weddings are a “piece of cake” with professional wedding planners available at several major Cancun hotels and resorts who will take care of the details -start to finish. Palace Resorts offers several wedding packages including a complimentary plan. Because of its proximity to the U.S., the incredible beauty of its geography, and the allure and romance of the “exotic”, Cancun weddings and honeymoons have become extremely popular.

To get married in Cancun, Americans need:

  • Tourist Cards (you get this on-board your plane)
  • Passports
  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Health certificates and blood tests with the following information: Blood type, venereal diseases such as syphilis and HIV, which have to be dated 25 days or less prior to the wedding then translated into Spanish here by a Mexican doctor ($50 per person) or you can have the certificates and tests done here by a Mexican doctor for $60 per person (in this case no need to pay for translation)
  • 4 witnesses (If they are foreigners, they will need copies of their tourist cards and passports). If you do not have witnesses the hotels can provide them.
  • Divorce decrees have to be authenticated by your appropriate Secretary of State then translated into Spanish here ($60) (But, why even mention it – does Cancun really care?)

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