grand royal lagoon cancunThe Grand Royal Lagoon Cancun Hotel ($50 – $100) has to have some of the most entertaining reviews, ever. Reviews are unfailingly boring, and most of the time I skip the “syrupy gushing” and the angry rants, and look for a bit of “character”.

There is no gushing or ranting over this little 3-star hotel, located at the top of “The 7”. The guests of this “mom and pop” efficiency apartment complex, who have left reviews, are some of the most realistic and objective lodgers that I’ve had the pleasure to dissect. This 36 unit establishment has plenty of character and “characters”, and these snippets had me LOL!

grand royal lagoon cancun barThe movie Casablanca came to mind, and I could just imagine the string of intriguing, international, and “offbeat” types that bump into each other over the cheap beers and shots of Tequila at the slightly seedy bar. “Give my friend a drink, Modesta, and have one yourself.”

—The cheapest way to go would be a cheap air only ticket for about $300 and then in low season its $50/night plus tax. Plus your paying per room not per person. The Grand Royal is neither grand nor royal, but it’s a very affordable place to stay in Cancun, close to the Cancun nightclubs and shopping. No, it’s not on the beach, but what can you expect at those prices? We are definitely going back!

—The Cancun Lagoon hotel is on a side street with mostly expensive, big, private homes and condos – a very pleasant area. The pool area is small, but clean. The bar/restaurant was small, and had a view of the lagoon (which is rather slimy, green, swampy and not a place to hang out. The TV was always on (in Spanish) and the servers were indifferent. I decided to eat elsewhere after day one. (I ate most of my meals at VIPS, across from the Crystal Hotel – its like “Denny’s” but Mexican, and very clean, with excellent service, and you can eat a full-on breakfast/lunch or dinner for about 5 bucks!)

—If you’re expecting more from your hotel than a roof over your head and a clean bed to sleep in, ovidalo! All in all a pleasant surprise. Here comes the best bit – you can buy a wristband for $20 that entitles you to ONE DAYS all you can eat and all you can drink. The staff are so slow and lazy however that they never check your wristband so it is essentially valid for the entirety of your stay! Genius.

—We stayed at the Grand Royal Lagoon for one long, miserable night. It couldn’t possibly have a more misleading name. Forget the mold and mildew. Or the mattresses that were hard as rocks, as well as the pillows. Instead, let’s talk about the toilet. After using it the second time (and I’m talking basic peeing with minimal toilet paper), it would no longer flush. I went to the office to report the problem and was told we can’t use toilet paper. ALL used toilet paper was to be put in the waste basket next to the toilet and the maid would empty it daily. If that wasn’t gross enough, the “maintenance” man came, and after plunging the toilet, rinsed it off in our sink and THEN wiped the plunger off on one of our 2 bath towels. We didn’t stay for breakfast – we were afraid the maintenance man might also be the cook.

royal lagoon cancun—I find the reviews posted totally unfair (toilet paper in all of Mexico goes in the trash, not just this hotel), and the employees are not lazy or slow (by Mexican standards). We were served fruit and yogurt, coffee and juice along with perfect toast and fresh cooked to order eggs with w/meat or pancakes each AM. $40 for a studio with a kitchenette and a balcony overlooking the almost spotless pool and grounds. We had worry-free fun trip with the true flavor of Mexico.

—I’m a single female traveler who stayed at the Grand Royal Lagoon for four nights at end of March 2007. It was fantastic! This little “hacienda” is an absolute gem for the price and I would recommend it to anyone who does not need to stay at a beachfront hotel. I’ve stayed in many of the boutique hotels in South Beach, FL and this hotel is much better by far.

—The room had 2 double beds, an old but clean comforter and wool blankets. The pillows and beds were comfy, and the a/c worked very well – what a relief after a day in the sun! You need to get the lock-box key and TV remote control from the front desk. The key is $65 if you lose it … yikes! There was a small closet and desk/table, and that’s about it, the room was rather small to have 2 beds, but oh well. I was on the ground floor, so perhaps the higher rooms have balconies/more space. The bathroom had a nice shower stall that had lots of HOT water (be careful – its HOT!!!) and a nice window.

—We booked the hotel for 3 nights but left after the first night, not so much because of the condition of the room but because of the strange men who hang around the hotel. It felt as if this was a boarding house for ex-cons coming to Cancun for day labor. A lot of scraggly looking British, Australian, and other foreign men tended to congregate at the bar area.

—I recommend this hotel for those that really don’t want to spend their time at their hotel on vacation. There are plenty of beaches to walk to, and lots of options for food/drink in the area, so I was happy. However, if you are looking for the type of vacation where you laze around all day at a resort/hotel (i.e. from room-restaurant-beach-room-etc) this is not the place for you. Also, if you are expecting a Sheraton or Hilton for $42/night, keep dreaming.

—The rooms are clean and serviceable, the pool small but immaculate and the food adequate. The standard of the rooms varies – some have fridges, some not, some come with toiletries, but not all, so if you don’t like one, ask to see another one and you may be more satisfied. I saw three, and all of them only had a fluorescent bulb on the ceiling for lightening, not good for reading. The hotel includes breakfast starting at 7:30am (also nice since nothing is open that early in the morning) which is coffee, juice and usually eggs and toast. The snack bar stayed open till 11pm for snacks (burgers, beer, etc.). Wireless internet is an additional MN $40, but the connection was fast enough.

—The Grand Royal Lagoon hotel is located on the boulevard Kukulcan, the main Cancun avenue. Walking distance to banks, restaurants, drugstores, cinemas, shopping stores, handcrafts market, tourism office, taxis, bus stop, super market, discos. Etc. The room was fresh and clean every time we came back from a day at the beach – housekeeping did a wonderful job! In all, we found the hotel to be great value and would go back again.

—This hotel was amazing for what it is. First off, I am well traveled all over the globe and I’ve stayed in five star resort hotels that were more than $1,000 a night, and I’ve stayed in hostels that were $15.00 a night. One night we went to senior frogs and spent some $150.00 dollars on drinks.

—Near the Grand Royal Lagoon there is a supermarket … here is where you can get real Mexico prices. We bought a bottle of tequila for 92.00 peso (like 7 or 8 dollars) they had top shelf tequila for 22.00 us dollars. You can get 3L of water for $2.00 US. Near the super market there is a fantastic little restaurant called Las Fajitas. A chicken burrito will cost you all of 40 pesos (3ish dollars …). The hotel bar sells beer for 15 pesos … near the Hotel Intercontinental you can gain access to the beach. It’s all of 5 mins to walk there. Or ride the bus past all the hotels and gain access to the open beaches.

—The pool is clean but we swam in the ocean. The bar and restaurant were fine and very cheap. The floors were tile and clean, the bed was rock hard … but we adventure travel, walking most everywhere and packing so much into one day that by the time we get to sleep anything will do. We didn’t spend much time in the hotel … The cleaning people organize your stuff well when they clean and make it look really neat … this may bother some people who don’t like their stuff being touched but I left her a tip and nothing of mine got stolen.

—Free wifi, small pool and breakfast included, Location is a 5 min walk to the center of the hotel zone. We stayed at The Grande Royal for our trip to Cancun. Our room was well air conditioned, clean, no bugs and had a view of the lagoon. I would recommend anyone to stay at the Grande Royal Lagoon, it really was a great base for exploring and touring. Great for a budget holiday.

—We stayed at this hotel for four nights during a one week stay in Cancun. We did spend our other nights in a few different hotels, but this hotel was by far the best bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a resort, this isn’t it. But, if you simply need a place to rest between going out partying, lounging on the beach, and your excursions, this is the place. Heck, there’s even a pool you can have a dip in before heading to the beach. The bar/restaurant on the lagoon is quite nice and for 40 pesos you can get a hotdog with bacon, fries, and either a beer or soda. Location wise, it couldn’t be better. It’s not quite in club central, but it’s a short bus ride, and probably even within walking distance if you wanted. It’s relatively quiet, and just off the main drag. Nearby you can find a supermarket to pick up things you may need, local restaurants, and even a laundromat where for 100 pesos they will do your laundry for you.

—Look, if you are a fly and flopper …. this isn´t the place for you. But if you are a traveler like me (took an excursion arranged by the hotel to Chichen Itza, the next day arranged my own snorkeling in the reef off the coast of Cozumel, then this is the place for you. The Royal Lagoon is family run, they have a great breakfast (fruit, coffee, juice and depending on the morning a choice of eggs, pancakes or tacos) and it is clean and even has a well maintained little pool that guests actually swim in. It is on the lagoon

—There are definitely worse hotels out there but just be sure you know what you’re getting into when you book at this hotel. We read the reviews and thought we would take a chance on a cheap hotel since it could have been a hidden gem off the beaten path. Sadly that was not the case, you definitely get no more than your $30 dollars per night out of this hotel.

—I will say it was fairly clean with no visible mold on the wall or ceiling and the sheets were pretty clean. The sink had deep gouges in it filled with some mysterious black substance which I’m guessing was mold. The beds were rock hard and you could feel every last spring in the mattress. The air conditioning was a window unit and the cleaning staff turns it off during the day so when you come back your room is going to be very warm.

cancun royal lagoon—If you’re a group of guys looking for a really cheap place to crash for spring break then this place is perfect, other than that just understand that it’s cheap for a reason and you won’t get more than you pay for at this place. This quiet little hotel has only about 30 rooms The best deal in the hotel zone.

—Breakfast, served in a cute open sided cabana at the waters edge. A great place to crash while you explore the real Cancun. We only had one concern – the Cubans who stayed while we were there were scammers and selling drugs.

—Breakfast was included and was great – eggs with bacon and quesadillas, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. If you are looking to relax, what a wonderful place. If you are looking to be close to the beach, this hotel is across from the Presidente which still has the nicest beach in Cancun. You can walk to the ‘action’ in about 8 minutes or take the bus which runs 24/7. If you are looking for party central, stay someplace else. Not grand … not royal but what a wonderful little place! We will return.

—Hut/bar with $1 USD beers and $4 USD. A suite with a kitchen, pretty much the size of a standard room in the states. The bathrooms were clean and nice. They spoke almost no English. We spent 45 mins trying to ask for salad dressing

—In the hotel zone in Cancun and close to the main road. So it is convenient to get to places yet quite at night. We had a top floor room facing the lagoon. The view is quite nice especially in the morning. The room is fairly clean and bathroom is roomy.

—This is a nice hotel by the lagoon. We had a ground floor room, so it worked nice as the exit led to the lagoon view and the beautiful hammock. We spent our nights on the hammock gazing at the stars. There was a small restaurant there where we had breakfast only.

—The hotel is on the Lagoon. It is a few doors down from the Imperial Laguna Hotel. The staff keep it extremely clean. The hotel has a little restaurant hut on the lagoon where you can buy breakfast, lunch & dinner at incredibly cheap prices! You can get great cocktails and lounge in the sun by the lagoon, pretty much in absolute privacy =heaven. The front desk also sells beer for $1 USD! The pool area is quite small, but who needs the pool when you have the beautiful beaches & turquoise waters of Cancun.

—The hotel does not have access to a beach club. You do have to walk a bit to gain access to the beach and you can only rent chaise lounges at the public beaches (can’t use the ones in front of the beachfront hotels and many beachfront hotels won’t allow you to cut through them to get to the beach. The staffs are friendly and helpful. I liked the breakfast, it was excellent and included in the room fee. The view through the windows is lagoon and is beautiful. The room next to mine has kitchen and balcony. Sometimes water turned cold.

—Food downstairs was cheap and good and the people who worked in the hotel were nice. The AC in the room worked great. Always plenty of hot water in the large shower. TV mostly in Spanish, a fridge and closet. No microwave. Front desk booked horseback riding for me and was prompt to evict the only salamander to find the shower. Pool was small, but kept clean and I liked the fact that I was usually the only person there.

—My card to open the room door never seemed to work at night. I would have to go get the front desk guy to let me in. He kept telling me they would have a new battery installed tomorrow (mañana never comes). Phone didn’t worked till I gave them a $20 deposit. A call to the states was $2.00 a min which isn’t bad compared to the charges from the pay phones on the street. A 15-20 min walk to a mall with internet for $1.50 for 20 mins. And phones calls. 35 per minute. Another 10 min walk and your in the heart of the hotel zone with all the bars and flea markets.

—The beds were hard and old but that didn’t bother me as much as the pillows being just as hard. The bedding was worn but useable. The towels rough but replaced with clean everyday. Limited off street parking. Bus stop up at the corner of the street.

—A block away was a little strip mall of restaurants, a convince store, pharmacy and laundry service. The little sandwich/bagle shop had very good hot ham and turkey sandwiches for a mere 30 pesos (3.00) The store was my daily stop for a Pepsi Light and Marlboros for $2.70 total. A lot cheaper than Alaska! Bring your own personal hygiene products if your picky. It’s hard to decide what kind of shampoo etc to buy when you can’t read Spanish.

—Our stay at the Grand Royal was short but sweet! The staff are excellent!!! We had no problems with any of them … they were all friendly and helped us with our Spanish! The rooms are basic but clean and comfortable with firm beds, fantastic AC and terrific showers!! If you are looking for fancy, look elsewhere! The pool is small but spotless with a nice area for sitting. There are also plenty of loungers at the dock side of the lagoon for sunbathing. The food at the restaurant was terrific and very affordable. We found the other guests at the hotel to be friendly and willing to chat (always a plus for me as I love to meet new people). Overall, for the money you pay, this is a great place to stay.

—We stayed at the GRL for 4 nights and 5 days and couldn’t be happier. The room we stayed in had no mold, mildew or any other nasties. The bar had great food specials ($6.50 for chicken fajitas WITH a beer) and 1 dollar beers anytime. Modesta the bartender was warm and friendly even tho she didn’t speak much English, and if you go, be sure to do a shot of tequila with Antonio, her helper. If you don’t plan on spending a lot of time a your hotel, this is the place for you although we could’ve spent all day and every day there. The view from the hotel dock is spectacular day or night and it’s within walking distance of everything. I would recommend this place to anyone on a budget. Even the pool was clean and decent, maybe a little small but who cares? The beach was right across the street.

—As other reviewers have mentioned, “Lagoon” is the only unexaggerated word in the name of this hotel. Having said that, we found the Grand Royal Lagoon to be an excellent value for our money. Our room certainly wasn’t fancy, but it was quiet, clean, and the air conditioning worked great. The hotel has a very nice (but small) pool, attractive grounds, and a snack bar (with good tostadas and cheap cerveza) overlooking the lagoon. In addition, there’s a bus stop more-or-less in front of the hotel, and grocery store and internet café w/in a 2 minute walk. Knowing bit of Spanish is useful (although not necessary), after all, it is Mexico.

—If your vacation plans revolve around hanging out at your hotel/resort all day, then this place is certainly not your best choice. However, if you plan to spend most of your time exploring the area, fishing, etc., and just want a clean, inexpensive place to sleep (or grab some tostadas and a Dos Equis), then this hotel is certainly worth consideration.

—If you’re a Hilton or Palace sort of person pass this one by … but if you’re a Motel 6 kind of guy (like me) then this is a real bargain. This was a great little place to stay for my first visit to Cancun. Only needed a quiet, clean, comfortable place to crash after playing tourist all day, and this fit the bill. Would I stay here again? ABSOLUTELY!

—I can heartily recommend it to anyone on a budget. The room was clean, I saw NO bugs of any kind, the shower water was hot, the room had a fridge, TV, and the air conditioner worked great, what else do you need? While you are not right next to the party zone, there is a bus stop right outside the door, a nice grocery store is next door along with a pharmacy. The front desk clerk booked our tours at a discount. About the only negative I can think of was that the beds are quite firm, having said that though, I had no problem sleeping on it at all. If you are on a budget and want a clean room to sleep and shower in, then you could do a lot worse than the grand royal lagoon.

—Me and 9 of my mates came on a 1 week party holiday to Cancun not expecting much having only paid 20 GBP per night we were well pleased with what we got. The rooms are basic however do vary in kitchen facilities so if you need a fridge ask for a room with one beforehand. The air conditioner, beds and showers are all great. Rooms cleaned and sheets, and towels swapped everyday. There is a small pool but enough to cool down in that Mexican heat! They do some nice snacks at the bar which all come with a free beer. Plenty of water and drinks available all day at good prices If you want to come to Mexico on a cheap break, I recommend it to anyone, really. With bus stop, supermarket, cashpoints, and nightlife all in walking distance you cant go wrong and forgot to mention great staff!!! If your lucky (not to put anyone off), you may catch a glimpse of the saltwater crocs that come up on the hotels jetty. Don’t panic they are more afraid of humans and are only about 3ft long max. Thanx Grand Royal Lagoon from Danny D., and the rest of the mates.

—Basically you should know that it is by no means grand and no means royal but at the end of the day when you’re paying so little to stay in Cancun you should be prepared to expect a basic place. Staff ranged from being annoyingly rude to pleasant. The breakfast man was really rude but to be honest, you’re not likely to be up early enough to have breakfast in Cancun!

—No signs of ants/cockroaches – believe me I checked, and I’m very picky! I would stay here again as it was simple and basic but exactly what I expected for my money. This small hotel may be lacking in amenities compared to all the huge resorts located around it but it’s perfect for a night or two while you’re familiarizing yourself with the area or if you’re going to be gone all day on tours. I would recommend it for those that want to be close to the action in the hotel zone but don’t want to pay $100’s per night.

—I travel a lot and have stayed in hotels that are much worse for a lot more money! A place like this in the US would command at least double the price. It’s on the water with a pool, cafe, secure rooms, a/c, safe deposit box, and parking all for less then you would pay at a Motel 8. Can’t be beat for the budget conscious traveler. The Grand Royal Lagoon rooms were clean, and yes maybe a few bugs, but – hey this is Mexico, what did you expect? The GRL is very comfortable for the price, besides who stays in their room when on vacation. We loved our stay at the Grand Royal Lagoon!

—The Grand Royal Lagoon is a 3 star hotel and it was truthful to that. Girls don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. I did and totally regretted it on a walk back from Coco Bongo’s (blisters the whole trip) The rooms are small but good for just a place to crash. All in all not too bad.

—The public beach access behind the mall filled the void. The room was clean and the lock box was nice to have. The beds weren’t the softest in the world but they did the job. I didn’t get up early enough for breakfast so I didn’t eat at the restaurant there. The hotel is nicely located for being “off the strip” (look at its position on a map and you’ll see what I mean). There are two restaurants, a laundry mat, bus stop, internet cafe and mini grocery store in a strip mall not 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

—We had originally booked a room at the Marina Club. But after reading a lot of bad reviews had it switched to this place, through which was very helpful. The place is really a 3 star. Nothing fancy. Our room was a kitchenette it was alright only one burner worked, and it was not a grounded electrical circuit. Wear your shoes!!! The fridge was helpful. The bed was hard as a rock, but no bugs. The maid was great. For $10 you can use the Presidente Intercontinental facilities, pool, towels, lounge chairs, and a incredibly nice clean calm beach all day. It was great and I highly recommend it for anyone who just wants to relax and take in some sun and swimming.

—It is a short block from the main street – possibly about a 20 minute walk from one of the main plazas that has Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, etc. The hotel is small and backs up to the lagoon. Some rooms should have a nice view of the Lagoon and Cancun’s city lights. Our’s had a view of the pool. The hotel calls itself a three star. I would call it a one star by American standards. But it’s certainly better than some cheap hotels than I’ve stayed at in Mexico. The grounds are nicely kept up. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet out by the lagoon that came with the price of our room and my boys had a fun time playing ping pong. We walked to one of the bigger hotels at night to have dinner. There is an outdoor snack-type restaurant near the Royal Lagoon but no real restaurant on site.

—uh…good omelets.

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