nude beachesCancun Nude Beaches?…I NEVER!…well,…maybe. When in Cancun…, do as the “Can-Coons” do! Cancun nude beaches are located at a “respectable” distance from family vacationers (you have to search for them).

Once considered a “fringe” lifestyle, nude and clothing optional beaches, travel, and recreation have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years. Recent surveys confirm that the majority of Americans are becoming more and more receptive to nudism, nude beaches, and resorts.

nude beaches Newsweek, USA Today, and the Discovery and Travel channels have all reported on the growing trend in nudism, skinny dipping and nude beach vacations. The International Naturists Association has taken a key role in promoting this lifestyle and the publicity surrounding it.

Many nudists feel it is inappropriate for males to openly (and proudly) display an erection. However, a spontaneous and innocent “salute” is regarded as a part of “body acceptance” — a key philosophy of nudists. If an erection does occur, nudists recommend covering up with a towel, turning over (if lying down), sitting down, going for a swim, or otherwise minimizing the erection’s presence until the penis has returned to a respectable nonchalance. For some activities (e.g. water skiing or dancing) this may not be immediately practical or even possible, and typical nudist etiquette suggests it then be ignored by everyone. Public nude beaches are inclined to be less rigid on this issue than private nudist resorts and progressive, adult only nudism clubs would not be fazed at all.

nude beachesAll Cancun beaches are public, and “topless beaches” are evident everywhere on the island. Although, “No Topless” is posted for the benefit of conservative Mexicans, and sometimes enforced by hotel security at “family resorts”, it is often ignored by the tourists. Do cover-up when you leave the beach, unless you are staying at “adults only” hotels, such as Aventura Palace and Temptation Resort Spa where the topless beaches are de facto.

South of Cancun, along the Mayan Riviera, are some famous nude beaches. Desire Cancun Resort, Playa Naturel Resort, El Dorado Royale Resort, Hidden Beach Resort Cancun, Tanka Villas, and others are private retreats where clothing is the exception. Without a doubt the Riviera Maya is a Mecca for those inclined to “au natural”.

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