Cancun Hotels offer a wide range of accommodations from 5-Star to the thatched roof, family to swingers. I’ve put together lots of photos and info on the most popular of the area’s hotels and resorts along with some lesser-known “hide-aways”. From the rowdy Cancun Krystal to the elegant Cancun Ritz, you’ll find something in your price range that fits your mood and personality. No comprendes tu el Espanol?…No Problemo! “Everyone” in the Cancun hotels zone speaks English.

Cancun Palace

Trendy shops to rival Rodeo Drive, 3 tiered Cancun nightclubs with the newest sound systems and overpriced international restaurants are mixed in among these monstrous marvels of hospitality along Kukulcan Boulevard which runs the full length of Cancun island. Caesar’s Park Cancun Beach and Golf Resort, Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach, the Ritz Carlton (rated #4 in the world) and Le Meridien Cancun offer fully equipped business centers for meetings, conferences, or conventions.

Cancun hotels

Most of the 200+ hotels and Cancun resorts are all-inclusive so, you can leave your wallet stashed in the hotel safe. Cancun hotels you prefer a more “native” experience”, Cancun City, is somewhat removed from “The Strip” and less expensive with its “mom and pop” bungalows, bed and breakfast, and smaller (and older) hotels and apartments. And, if you speak “un poco” of Spanish, you’ll be just fine there.

Popular beachfront hotels include:

Cancun Palace


Beach Palace Cancun is one of 9 Palace Resorts of the Yucatan. Each of these famous all-inclusive hotels has a different theme, and the Beach Palace Cancun theme is “families”.


Brisas Cozumel Beach Resort, the winner of the “Golden Palm” award, has 180 deluxe rooms and suites with air-conditioning, cable TV, private balcony, full bathrooms, and hair dryers.


Camino Real Cancun, on the point (La Punta) of Cancun island, fronting both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, consists of a low pyramidal structure and 2 gleamings.