cozumel resortsCozumel Resorts serve up great diving and honeymoon vacations. In spite of the fact that they’re located on a Mexican island just off the Yucatan’s jungle coast, Cozumel resorts are considered some of the best in Latin America. Most are 5 star (rated by the Mexican government) establishments of 200-300 air conditioned rooms and suites.

All things “Cozumeleno” pertain to the sea, naturally, and all Cozumel hotels offer a wide range of non-motorized water sports at no extra charge. Cozumel diving shops are conveniently located on the premises with certified instructors. More than just fun, learning a bit of the rich Mayan history and experiencing the cultural diversity can be an exciting and rewarding part of your vacation.

Before you travel, make copies of your passport, tickets, credit cards and travelers checks. Once you arrive at your destination; store these items in your hotel’s safe deposit box, and only carry with you the absolute necessary.

cozumel resortsAll-inclusive packages are popular because there’s no need to carry money around the hotels. Cancun, Cozumel and Mayan Riviera businesses generally accepts only Visa, Master card and American Express (sorry Discovery and Diners Club). Travelers checks are always recommended, and easily replaced if lost.

Cruising is a romantic, popular and inexpensive, all inclusive option. Cozumel has a deep-water port and dock for regularly scheduled luxury, floating hotels.

Cozumel hotels will offer several (as many as 5) restaurants of Italian, Mexican, and American fare along with the yards-long buffets. For the late night “munchies” there will be a snack bar and room service. At Cozumel resorts you can shop high priced boutiques. The San Miguel (Cozumel’s only town) sidewalk vendors allow visitor the opportunity to try their “haggling” skills on many handmade items and artworks. Haggling is a diversion to Mexicans and considered quite proper.

cozumel resortsSome favorite resorts: * Allegro Cozumel * The Brisas * The Fiesta Americana * Iberostar Cozumel * The Occidental * The Park Royal Cozumel * The Reef Club

A short walk from many Playa del Carmen and Cozumel resorts may find you at a Palapa with thatched roof and dirt floor serving as shelter for a family as well as their critters (pigs are considered particularly valuable).

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