cancun condosCancun Condos save “big time” over Cancun hotels and resorts. You’ll enjoy the complete freedom of a fully furnished condo Cancun vacation, with table settings, towels, bedding, and even maid service if you like.

In 1971, in efforts to attract foreign investments, Mexico passed laws permitting foreigners to establish “Trust of Ownerships”, using Mexican banks as trustees. This circumvented the constitution and permitted the purchase of properties within the “Restricted Zones” i.e. Cancun real estate.

cancun condosA little farther south, along the Riviera Maya toward Tulum (the most visited archaeological site of the Yucatan), you’ll find many charming bungalows. Still close to the frenzy of Cancun, these locations offer seclusion, privacy, and a relaxing, tropical atmosphere. The majority of the area’s nude beaches and clothing optional resorts are located there.

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