What is best about Cancun?

Cancun is simply like Las Vegas in Mexico, full of crowd. In fact, Cancun is the official party capital city in Mexico with amazing beachfront access to the Caribbean city. But besides beaches, there’s a lot more you could find enjoyable in Cancun. If you like to know where you are about how things go in Cancun making your visit full of memories.

Highlights of Cancun map

The highlights in Cancun, Mexico are easily viewable in the above map

  • The Hotel Zone
  • Señor Frog’s
  • The City Nightclub
  • Scenic Tower Cancun
  • Tortugranja
  • Playa Tortugas
  • Ruta de Los Cenotes
  • Coco Bongo
  • Museo Maya de Cancún y Zona Arqueológica de San Miguelito
  • MUSA Underwater Museum
  • Mercado 28
  • Arena Cancun (Lucha Libre)
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Isla Contoy
  • El Meco Archaeological Sit
  • Chac Mool Beach
  • Playa Delfines
  • Exotic Rides Cancun

So go with “Star” in Google Maps, and make sure you miss nothing important in your visit to Cancun.


Where is Cancun?

You might look for where is Cancun locate? If you love visiting all around the world, Cancun is one of the to-dos should be added to the list. In fact, by today Cancun is one of the world-class opulent resorts located on the northeastern edge of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. And we better get to Cancun as one of the spring-break paradises that brings a lot to do.

Beach palace Cancun

Cancun wins more notice of the tourists for its Beaches. In fact, Cancun Beaches are popular for greenish-blue waters and white sand shoreline. So the beaches in Cancun are too beautiful to believe in your eyes. And swimming in here is only allowed for advanced swimmers in most of the Cancun water areas as they could be dangerous with water level and some other facts around. In fact, the waves come brutally most of the times although they are loved to watch from distance. So if you are not a good swimmer, remember that you cannot have so much fun in the water though.

Thanks to the Cancun Hotel Zone, you can spend your time on the beachside with confirmed safety. And here you are some of the beach options in Cancun that should never miss.

  • Playa Delfines – This is one of the major beaches in Cancun which is known for the iconic Cancun sign. But as currents are rather strong, you are advised not to swim in most of the times
  • Playa Tortugas – You will find this as one to spend your time with family and kids. In fact, it has minor waves compared with the others that let safe to swim. But as it gets crowded, you may find it busy even when you wish to have leisure there
  • Chac Mool Beach – We could call this a perfect place to dive and it has rent water sports and activities with equipment. So it is like heaven for all of the water lovers
  • Playa Forum – This can be called a hybrid place of vibrant atmosphere and a steamy move away. This is behind the most popular nightclub of Cancun, the Coco Bongo, which has made this full of restaurants and bars

Cancun hotel zone

Cancun Hotel Zone is the place where tourists let pass most of their time all along the Cancun holiday. It is a limited 14 Miles (22.5Kms) long island. It also admitted as “Tourist Zone” and “Zona Hotelera” as well. The best part of the stay in this zone is that everyone can make the scene to turquoise water beaches and white sand for the period of their time in Cancun.

Cancun information tourist

There is a few certain information that tourists better cover before their visit to Cancun. When arranging accommodation,  it ranges from five-star luxury resort services to reasonably priced hotels, rooms, villas, suites and traditional hotel rooms too. Find out these are not complex for the Cancun hotel zone will provide you perfect places to stay.

When it is about transportation, there are five key types of transportation in Cancun. Rent a car is one of those options when there is a major credit card. In addition, there are busses and taxis for the rest of the visitors. Starting from 6 am in the morning, busses run in the city of Cancun until midnight on a daily basis. There are bus terminals in every city of Mexico.

Tourists too have to deal with “peso”, to pay for whatever service or things as it is the authorized type of currency in Cancun as a place in Mexico. Many hotels and banks have facilities to change money whenever.

For the most part, guides wise up visitors to stay away from Cancun during the heavy rainy seasons from October to November and April to July. Starting from mid-May to August, the region breaks temperatures of 100 degrees F habitually. So it stands between the 70s and 80s from December to April. For that, they say, the weather is bold for tourists because Cancun being a semi-tropical location. Thus, September is the best month to visit for temperatures begin to fall and everything continues normally.

If it is about your entry or exit requirement, visitors from the United States must come with a Nexus card or a valid passport when they travel by air. And even children too must provide their passport. When adults use sea or land to come to, there should be an approved document by Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or else the passport again. But children can provide their citizenship documents or else the birth certificate.

Cancun juice and Mexican Grill

During your days in Cancun, you can taste their popular Cancun Juice flavors like Sunset Cocktail, Green Juice, Rise and Shine Juice, Cancun Cooler, Cadillac Mango Margaritas and so on.

When you visit Cancun, Cancun Mexican Grill is one of the often words to capture. You can encounter authentic Mexican dishes that arranged using most excellent ingredients in the city. Cancun Mexican Grill means the real flavor of Mexico. There are many places that you will find out with Mexican Grill.